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Customer Testimonials

I found Becki while searching for massage therapy for a bad back that I’d failed to have resolved for some fifteen years. Not far into the treatment, Becki had identified the issue – and convinced me that fixing the cause of the problem, rather than just the symptoms, would be a better way to go. We embarked on a bespoke personal training programme aimed primarily at improving my core strength – a slow and steady approach that would achieve long-term success while avoiding any risk of injury. That was two years ago, and my back has been trouble-free for ages – thanks entirely to Becki’s knowledge, commitment and diligence. (Not to mention an eagle-eyed obsession for perfect posture on every single rep!) We’ve added general fitness to my programme now as well, and I consider my PT sessions to be a vital part of the week. Genuinely life-changing.

K E, Marketing


Have thoroughly enjoyed training with Becki since May. She managed to help me achieve what I’ve struggled to do solo, in just a matter of weeks. Simple, effective and targeted exercises that are challenging yet achievable and don’t require me to be in the gym 5 times a week. I’ve seen genuine results thanks to her support and enthusiasm and will look forward to the next phase of my journey. Thanks Becki!

N E, Management

A fter being fed up of having a “pancake” for a bum after years of long distance running, I asked Becki to help me gain muscle and shape. Becki provides an amazing service, asking what you want to achieve and tailoring each specific program for you whether it be in the gym (pre lockdown) or at home, and the results are amazing! Her one to one sessions (pre lockdown) really help with posture and ensure you’re doing each exercise correctly, and her sports massages relieve all your aches and pains for really reasonable prices. 10/10 would recommend!


S W, Recruitment

"I booked Becki after numerous pleasant, but ineffective massages. She's focused on long term solutions for my back pain and I now not only have a great experience, but a lasting result. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends and family. Plus, don't tell her, but she's great value for money."

S A, Head of Marketing

"As a woman in her 50s, I hated the idea of going to a gym, but wanted to get in slightly better shape. I found the ladies only circuit classes to be much less intimidating and after a while found I really enjoyed it and looked forward to it. It's great to maintain a healthy weight and increase my fitness."


"Wonderfully therapeutic massages. Incredibly relaxing and effective facials. I have already recommended Becki to several friends."

G P, Matron

"Definitely the best massage I have ever had. And with long lasting results. Am worried about recommending her too much as I want to save her for myself!!"

K K, Psychologist

" From the minute Becki greeted me right until the end she was professional. I've never been one for relaxing, in fact I can't relax at all but Becki helped me do so. She explained everything to me and why she was doing it so I knew what to expect as I had never had a massage before. After a couple of weeks of treatment Becki really helped me out and the pains went. She's also treated me for tension headaches with Indian head massage which was amazing! Becki is really affordable, I highly recommend! :)"

S L, Mobile Hairdresser

"I was suffering badly with cramps in my legs and Becki was able to locate the points to release the tension. Amazing results. I also had a facial and Indian head massages."

S M, Catering

"I can't recommend Becki highly enough! She completely sorted out lower back / glute problems I'd been having for nearly three years in about three weeks. Amazing service, lovely lady."

K BD, Retailer

" Becki manages to sort out all my tweaks, pains and keeps everything ticking over really well, fantastic sports massages. I would always recommend her first."

S F, Teacher

I recently had a hot stone massage with Becki and would thoroughly recommend it for an all-over relaxing and therapeutic body treatment. Having never had one before, I wasn’t sure what to expect but Becki explained all about the stones and how the massage would be done. I came away feeling totally relaxed and chilled out. Thank you Becki for making it a really lovely experience”.

K O, Marketing

I have been doing the exercises Becki gave me since my last treatment and they are really helping to ease my muscular pain. I'm due to have a steroid injection in the next couple of weeks but to be honest the pain is easing. Thank you!

S F, Retail

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