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Sports Massage

This type of massage helps to release any tension within the muscles and relieve aches and pains. Treatment can be used alongside training to aid sporting performance or for rehabilitation after an injury. Therapy can be used to treat specific problems or as a whole body treatment. Now including kinesiology taping techniques.

 55 minutes - £50

 30 minutes - £25

K Taping

Kinesiology tape, also known as K tape, can be used to support joints, muscles and tissues, aid lymphatic drainage and help correct postural alignment. Its mainly made of cotton, is water resistant and has a strong adhesive that can make it stick up to 5 days on the skin. This is included within a Sports Massage appointment, if you need re-application between massage treatments the following cost applies.

1 area - 15 minutes - £10

Indian Head Massage
Massage is performed on the shoulders, upper back, neck, head and face. Treatment can be performed fully clothed and with no oils so perfect if you have to somewhere to be after your appointment. A lovely lunchtime treat or at end of day to relax and unwind.
30 minutes - £20

Natural Facelift Massage

This treatment helps to relieve deep facial tension, increase the blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the face improving your complexion and making your face feel more alive. Perfect to have on the day of special occasion as no side effects and an instant result.

1 session (55 minutes) - £40

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